Dragons Wynd

Founder Jessica Wyn Miller, Environmental Entomologist


Our goal is to share the wonder and fascination that comes from the world of insects. If you have ever felt disgust or fear from the sight an insect? Then come to us. Using current research and interesting facts we hope to add curiosity to your reaction and an appreciation of the services these insects provide. We intend to share information by being the bridge from scientists to you.

“Water health called to me”

Born and raised in Minneapolis in the Land of 10,000 lakes.

Jessica began her life path in Art History enjoying volunteering nearly a decade at the American Swedish Institute, working with amazing people at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and learning the craft of production weaving and working for a craftswoman in Northeast Minneapolis.

She was ready for a new challenge and felt the need for science. Minnesota was where she wanted to invest her energies¬† so she decided to pursue an Aquatic Insects class offered at the University of Minnesota. This has proven to be a perfect fit and her passion for insect and ecosystem health is evident in her presentations and talking with her. Insects of Minnesota are so deeply connected to water quality and our own world’s health.

Since completing her Master’s Thesis on Minnehaha Creek she has been heavily involved with implementing actions for improvements in the Twin Cities area. The Master Water Steward Program installs many raingardens to aid infiltration and stormwater, these in turn provide habitat for insects such as pollinators to which we are all dependent on for our own food resources and options.

Living in Minnesota, enjoying the family cabin growing up, and because of her proximity to Minnehaha Creek she explored her options to “save the world”.